Born in Hiroshima on February 1993. Left Hiroshima for Tokyo after high school in pursuit of a career as a soccer athlete. Started a growing interest in doing illustrations while living in the soccer club dormitory in university. Upon university graduation, worked in a graphic design firm within the Tokyo metropolis. Resigned from the firm after 4.5 years to further studies abroad in San Francisco, United States. Currently based in Tokyo, doing various graphic design and illustration projects.

1993年2月生まれ。広島県出身。東京在住。高校卒業後サッカー選手を志し上京。 大学時代サッカー部の寮でイラストを描き始める。大学卒業後、都内グラフィックデザイン事務所にて4年半勤務後、サンフランシスコへの留学を期に退社。現在はグラフィックデザイン、イラストレーションを両軸に多方面で活動中。

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